Construction Material Tracking

-We provide Assets Information of IT & Data Centres-

  • Construction Material Tracking is adaptable & acceptable by infrastructure companies nowadays.
  • Our specially designed UHF Tags has proved the feasibility of tagging the Metallic or Wooden Scaffolds, Structures, Moulds etc.
  • RF Genie Tags can be embedded inside the cemented frames as well as affix outside the cement frames.
  • Inventory and accountability of materials can be well managed by implementing RFID Technology.
  • Site wise material allocation can be done in a better manner.
  • Losses & theft can be minimized.

-WIP Tracking-

  • Traceability of items from start to end during complete manufacturing cycle.
  • Identification at various stages on conveyer belt & grade wise segregation of products via our hard tags & inlays.
  • Our RFID Tags are mounted on moulds to calculate the working hours of machine with specific moulds. Life of Moulds can be identified to maintain the quality of finished products.
  • Our UHF/HF Tags with superior performance are easily detected by RFID Readers integrated with PLC/SCADA Systems.

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