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RF Genie is a technology company to provide products & solutions as per customer’s need. It is incorporated with the aim of providing economic solutions to the ever-increasing communication demands of organizations. We always believe to build long-term relationship with our clients by providing cost effective and quality services on schedule. We also believe that the success of RF Genie lies in the business success of their clients. RF Genie is dealing in many varieties of cost effective RFID-Tags, Labels and Cards with international standards which suit to one global requirement with state of art checking and packing facility at Delhi NCR.
  • People tracking at hazardous areas, construction sites and restricted areas becomes necessity as a part of safety & security measures.
  • People at sites can be tracked by a UHF Card or tags can be rivet on helmets of workers.
  • A UHF reader with antenna can be used to read the people tags for inward movement or outward movement of premises.
  • People tracking at offices can be well managed by a our RFID Tags.
  • Floor wise tracking data of workers at construction sites can be known centrally.

-WIP Tracking-

  • Traceability of items from start to end during complete manufacturing cycle.
  • Identification at various stages on conveyer belt & grade wise segregation of products via our hard tags & inlays.
  • Our RFID Tags are mounted on moulds to calculate the working hours of machine with specific moulds. Life of Moulds can be identified to maintain the quality of finished products.
  • Our UHF/HF Tags with superior performance are easily detected by RFID Readers integrated with PLC/SCADA Systems.

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