Pallet Tracking

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-We provide Assets Information of IT & Data Centres-

-Pallet Tracking-

  • Stacked Pallets can be identified from a longer distance via our UHF product portfolio of RFID Tags.
  • Fixed Reader powered by forklifts can identify the pallets easily by RFID Tags revitted on pallets.
  • Our Customized Mount on Metal RFID Tags can be wielded on Metallic Pallets, whereas Plastic & Wooden Pallets can be tracked by Free Air Hard Tags or Labels.
  • Items can be categorized by Pallet Tags on same type/size of pallets
  • Inventory Management becomes streamlined inside the factory & warehouse by Pallet Tags.

-IT/ITES Asset Management-

  • Nowadays incremental of Assets in IT Organization is A regular practice and it’s become difficult for Organizations to manage the inventories
  • RF Genie offers a Mount on Metal RFID Labels & RFID based PET Labels to tag the assets, which can be applied directly by adhesive or hang on assets
  • Our offered Mount on Metal Labels & PET Labels can be Printed and Encoded according to type of assets
  • Our Labels are used to tag the Laptops by which Laptop identification can be done easily at Entry/Exit Gates
  • Server Racks search operations becomes easier by our Hang Tags

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