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-We provide Assets Information of IT & Data Centres-

-We provide Assets Information of
IT & Data Centres-

  • RFID Technology in Retail Segment is growing day by day. Nowadays users are enjoying experience in Retail & Healthcare during checkout from billing counters.
  • RFID Tags in retail saves maximum time of users and gives better accurate data of all the items which has been purchased in stores.
  • UHF Tags & Labels can be used on different kind of items irrespective of type, size, metallic & non-metallic.
  • Tags & Labels can be used as price ticket or related product information. Also Tags/Labels can be developed or designed in different shape and sizes.
  • Label in retail segment can be manufactured in Paper, PET or cloth material.
  • In retail RFID increases better visibility of stocks, inventory of items in a warehouse and stores. Store owners can easily get to know the profitability by minimal of losses.

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