UHF Long Range Reader

Product Description

The UHF Long Range Reader is designed for wireless communication with transponders according to the air interface standard EPC Class1 Gen2. It can be used for all kind of applications which require long read range and great performance. can be used in different kind of applications and is a cost effective alternative topowerful high performance readers

  • Possible read range of up to 8 m *
  • Support of Transponders according to EPC Class1 Gen2 and ISO 18000-6-C
  • Reader protection against fault conditions like antenna shortcut, antenna mismatching and electrostatic discharge
  • Robust aluminum die case housing for usage in rough and industrial environments
  • 1 Input and 3 outputs suit industrial needs and allow control of external components and signalization of different events
  • Antenna Port Indication: Display of active antennas (green), read events (blue) and possible antenna mismatching (red)
  • via 4 separate LED´s
  • 3 hardware interface ports: Ethernet, RS232, and USB
  • Readout of RSSI data for localization of identified transponders
  • High Read Rate for fast and reliable identification of transponders in Dense Reader Mode

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